The Best Weight Loss Pill – Finding the Pill that Works for You

When looking for the best weight loss pill available in the market nowadays, you can consult your doctor or drop by a drugstore and ask a pharmacist. Whatever type you choose, remember that the best weight loss pill should be able to help you lose those unwanted pounds with very little or no side effects.


The best weight loss pill groups can be divided into the following categories: prescribed or over-the-counter.

1. Prescribed weight loss pills are clinically tried and tested to produce results that they claim to provide to users. These are also approved by medical organizations to ensure that the drug really works according claims. Their side effects are known and studied. Furthermore, they are usually given to those who are suffering from severe weight problems like obesity.

2. Over-the-counter weight loss pills are those you can buy directly from the drugstore or your local pharmacy. Some of them are generic, which you should be careful in taking because some have excessive amounts of toxins that can be harmful to the body. OTC weight loss pills do not support their claims. It is highly recommended to purchase OTC weight loss drugs that are popular or have known success rates among those who have used it.

Natural ingredients

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions in weight loss is that natural and herbal ingredients are entirely safe. Keep this in mind when buying the best weight loss pill. Ephedra is an example of a popular “natural” fat burning ingredient until the FDA found them to be dangerous to the heart and the nervous system.

The action

Judge a weight loss pill based on what it can do to hasten weight loss. There are several types of weight loss pills like fat blockers, fat burners, and appetite suppressants. All of these can be in the form of prescription drugs, OTC drugs, or even from natural ingredients.

1. Fat burners – these types of weight loss pills effectively help the body in breaking down fats coming from food intake. Once the fat cells release the fat, it enters the bloodstream in the form of free acids that will go to muscle cells where they are going to be burned.

2. Appetite suppressants – these are very popular because they take away your desire to eat to prevent you from unnecessary binging and overeating. Examples of prescribed appetite suppressants are Phentermine, Acomplia, and Meridia.

3. Fat blockers – these gained popularity among users because they are safer and have healthier effects compared to other weight loss drugs. Popular examples of this type are Alli, Chitosan, Proactol, and Xenical. Fat blockers prevent fat from affecting lipase enzymes that are responsible for absorbing fats from food intake. However, side effects include diarrhea, oily stool, and abdominal discomfort.


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